Breast lift & Reduction mammaplasty

if you are considering a mammaplasty....

Breast glands undergo changes since puberty and monthly at each period.Dramatic changes, however, occur during pregnacy and breast feeding.
Mammaplasty aims the correction of such changes in shape and position of the breasts. If the main cause of distress is the downward positioning of the breasts, then the mastopexy is the appropriate surgery. It can be associated to a breast implant.
If the breasts became overweight, having gained more volume than the desired, the breast reduction mammaplasty should be indicated. Besides performing a breast reduction that better suits the patient’s desire, it also raises and firms the breasts, while reshaping the new breast countour into a more youthful and uplifted breast profile.

Is it appropriated for me?

Mammaplasty can greatly improve your body contour and self-image, allowing more freedom in choosing your outfit, for instance, picking some styles of clothing you have not been using for quite a while.
If you are unhappy about the size, shape or position of your breasts, have a good health condition and are realistic about your expectations, then you are a good candidate for this surgery.
Just keep in mind that surgery changes shapes, not emotions or psychological issues arising from these or any other problems you might have. Nevertheless, it can bring you joy and restore your self-steem.

Preparing for your surgery

You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for this surgery. Your guidelines will include when and what to eat or not, stop taking or avoiding some drugs, vitamins. You will be asked to stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery and not to resume for at least two weeks after it. These precautions are essential to reduce eventual risks.
Avoid overexposure to the sun and do not go on a stringent diet before the surgery as both can inhibit your ability to heal. If by any chance you catch a cold or any other kind of infection before your surgery, it may be postponed by your surgeon untill your full recovery.
Discuss clearly with your surgeon about your doubts and expectations. Even if you do not want to increase the breast size, it might be suggested to you the use of small implants just to help achieve a better shape.

The surgery

The selected anesthesia is usually general; local anesthesia combined with a sedative to make you drowsy can be an alternatative. Previous sedation may make you more comfortable and you will wake up only when you are back to the hospital room.
Incisions can vary from periareolar (with or without a vertical incision) or in anchor shape (inverted T), the latter being more common.
The breasts are reshaped and kept in position by internal sutures to the breast tissue. The excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened as it is closed arround the newly shaped breasts. Most of the skin closure is made with absorbable stitches, therefore there will be no need for their removal.
Enlarged areolas are reduced by excising their perimeter, giving them a more youthful look.

After your surgery

An elastic bra should be used for a period no shorter than 6 weeks. Follow your surgeon’s instructions and attend the follow-up visits. Avoid any physical activities for a period of 1 month. It is normal to feel some discomfort and to have some brusing over the treated areas, but they will vanish in about 2 weeks. The edema following the surgery will also subside in this period.
You may be discharged from hospital on the day of the surgery or the day after.Your doctor will give you instructions for showering, changing your dressings and medication to be taken.
For the first few days, you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort that can be controlled by medication. You should avoid moving your arms too much, specially rising them, although you will be encouraged to walk.
You may be able to return to driving and to work in 15 days, if everything goes on the right track and if your work does not demand a great physical effort.
Physical activities will be permitted gradually, following your surgeon’s schedule and guidelines.

Your new look

Your new breast contour will be better appreciated after a period of 2 to 3 months. You will feel the comfort of being able to wear clothes without a bra, and see that your breast feel firm and with a good projection of the upper pole.
If your expectations were realistics they have most certainly been reached and the surgery was a success.



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