Male Breast Reduction

If you are considering breast reduction for man....

This is not an unusual condition in men of any age, although it is more often seen in teenagers. It may be the result of hormonal changes, hereditary factors or use of some drugs.
Beyond the discomfort that this condition brings, both physical and emotional, which may impair self confidence, it is known that breast cancer rate is augmented among patients presenting gynecomastia.

Is it appropriated for me?

In some young men this condition may improve expontaneously after puberty, but that is not the rule. Its clinical presentation may be on both breasts or unilateral. Breasts may be enlarged by fat, glandular tissue or both.
So, if you are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too large and have no clinical impairment you may benefit from this surgery.

Risks and complications

The main complication of this surgery is the post operatory bleeding (hematoma) in the site where the mamary gland used to be before its removal. To prevent this complication drains may be placed to be taken out after a period of 1 to 4 days. In the event of a large hematoma occurs, a revisional surgery should take place in the operating room.
Avoiding physical efforts, following your surgeon’s instructions and the use of support garment may greatly reduce the risks of such bleedings.

The surgery

Technique will vary according to the clinical presentation of the gynecomastia. In severe cases with sagging breasts, the excess skin must be removed. In cases where the augmentation of the breast is due to fat, liposuction alone can solve the problem. Most commonly there are glandular tissue and fat involved in the enlarged breast, therefore the combined aproach of liposuction followed by the surgical removal of the mamary gland is the better option.
The selected anesthesia is usually general; local anesthesia combined with a sedative to make you drowsy can be an alternatative. Previous sedation may make you more comfortable and you will wake up only when you are back to the hospital room.

After your surgery

Bandages will be apllied to your incisions and an elastic garment should be used for a period no shorter than 3 weeks. Follow your surgeon’s instructions and attend the follow-up visits. Avoid any physical activities for a period of 1 month.The tube for drainage will be taken out at your surgeon’s evaluation of the drained fluids.

Your new look

After such along period of time in your life, trying to conceal the size of your breasts, you will feel free and more self-confident. Wearing mucles T-shirts, swimming on your club pool or at the beach won’t be a problem anymore.



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